increasing security to stop a troubled teen
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increasing security to stop a troubled teen

Do you have a troubled teen in your home? Are you looking for ways to monitor your teen's activity while you are away or sleeping? I was having serious issues with my teenage son sneaking out at night. It was not until my neighbor told me that he saw my son sneaking out late at night that I knew that he was doing it. The following week, I had a few features added to my home security system that has helped me keep my son in check. To find out what I have done to ensure that I am alerted of my son's attempts to sneak out, visit my website.

increasing security to stop a troubled teen

Simple Steps To Reduce A Break-In Through Your Basement

Maria Watkins

While having someone break into your home through the front or back door or through a side window is a concern, someone gaining entry through your basement is also worrisome. If you're upstairs, you might not know that someone is in your home, which means that he or she could quickly make off with some valuables or even surprise you and threaten your family. When you're thinking about your home's security, don't ignore your basement. Here are a few simple steps to help you reduce the chances of a break-in through your basement.

Prevent People From Looking In

Break-ins are often crimes of opportunity, so it's vitally important to limit an individual's ability to look inside your basement window, identify possessions of value, and consider breaking in. You can prevent people from looking through your basement windows by various means. One simple approach is to cover them with drapes and keep the drapes drawn as much as possible. Many criminals will think twice about trying to break through a window without knowing what is on the other side.

Put A Security Sensor On The Window

If you have a home security system, you hopefully have sensors on your front and back doors. However, it's also possible to have your security company provide you with sensors that you can place on your windows. You can then use these devices on your basement windows, and if someone attempts to open one of them, the alarm will sound.

Mount An Exterior Camera Near The Window

Security cameras can also serve as an effective theft deterrent. When a criminal can clearly identify that your home is protected by security cameras, he or she may be less apt to attempt a break-in. If you're concerned about a break-in through your basement window, make sure that you have a security camera visibly mounted nearby. A camera under the edge of your roof and positioned to aim at the basement window, for example, is a good idea.

Keep The Area Lit At Night

Prowlers favor doing their business in the shadows, which means that someone will be less likely to lurk around your basement windows if the area is properly illuminated at night. Consider installing a floodlight on your roof that provides the area around the basement window with a considerable amount of light. Or, depending on the position of a nearby fence, have a light on the fence. In either scenario, the basement window will be bright at night and should be less likely to be targeted.